Choosing the best coach for you can be a difficult task.  Here are a few words from our happy clients...
  1. I feel much freer within myself and a deeper, truer sense of happiness. I was able to rid myself of conflicting beliefs about myself and it was a very emotional and rewarding experience. The program has had such a powerful and positive effect from which only good can come.
    Jane H, Adelaide
  2. I gained the tools I need to not worry about what people think of me to the point that I'm constantly stressed and paranoid. In particular, I feel I can now ignore cutting remarks and be confident.
    Emma J, London
  3. I feel that I have the power and ability to be comfortable with who I am and accept feedback from others in a more positive manner. I have more self confidence and feel less anxious about how I am perceived by other people.
    Trevor B, Adelaide
  4. I gained great insight on my decisions and underlying strategies and I discovered that the obstacles that prevent me from achieving my goals were more in my imagination than in reality. I feel happier and more relaxed and would wholeheartedly recommend Emma.
    Maria A, Athens
  5. I found the health coaching to be easy and achievable and each session was relaxing and motivating at the same time. I was amazed that I lost cravings for some of my favourite 'problem' foods so easily. This program is for you if you want to take control of your life!
    Nicola L, Hallett Cove
  6. Very professional with the appropriate amount of care, compassion and honesty.
    Karen T, Adelaide
  7. Very professional and friendly service.
    Mel B, Noarlunga
  8. I found Emma easily contactable and readily available with a clear passion for assisting people to overcome obstacles and recover from injury and return to work.
    Jane F, Maylands
  9. Emma is able to make everyone feel that their input is welcome and invaluable. Emma projects warmth and goes the extra mile to ensure that clients are able to work through any issues they have. Emma provides a dedication and freshness of approach that is welcomed by all.
    Graham R, Henley Beach
  10. Emma provided rehabilitation counselling for my client who had co-curring issues of alcoholism, homlessness and lack of transferable skills. Emma exhibited high levels of empathy, determination and persistence and showed a high capacity to motivate them to achieve their goals.
    Richard O, Norwood
  11. Emma is a highly skilled communicator and project manager with the ability to be receptive to industry needs and provide innovative solutions.
    Ian H, Adelaide
  12. I am forever indebted to Emma for sharing her knowledge to support me with a range of projects, often at short notice, and I owe a great percentage of my success to her assistance. Loyalty, honesty and integrity are rare commodities and Emma possesses these in abundance.
    David H, Pennington
  13. Thank you so much for your help over the past few months. I really feel like I've benefited from our sessions, and I'm particularly appreciative of how easy you were to talk to all the time. Thank you!
    Ellen E, Surrey
  14. I am feeling really positive after our health coaching sessions. I am tracking my exercise and portion size and I've been going to the gym regularly. The positive affirmations are going well and I have had much more control over my health in general.
    Juliette N, London
  15. A fantastic learning experience for me! Emma’s metaphors were absolutely brilliant. I found myself wrapped up in them and truly feeling the emotions because they were coming from her heart and of her own real life experiences and you could feel it… I had tears in my eyes at one stage… she truly took me on the journey with her! Well done Emma!
    Debra P, Adelaide
  16. The coaching and NLP techniques Emma shared with me have provided some genuine life skills and have given me a different door to walk through and still achieve the same life I want whilst being happy. I smile through any challenges now and am grateful for them. Life is all good.
    Rob M, Adelaide
  17. My resume is wonderful and so much better than anything I would have come up with. I will start sending it off today and using the framework to build a science focussed resume as well. It was a pleasure to meet Emma. I came out of our meeting with new enthusiasm and focus.
    Jo S, Christies Beach
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